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Sam Silky: Muro

Profile IconSam Silky - 17 marzo 2020, 6:39

My advice? Keep your gaurd up and cheat on the men before they cheat on you!

Sorry but I know too much of scenarios like this. It’s always the nice faithful guys/girls that this happens to. This never happens to the bitches or conceited jerks. And guess what? They usually given a second chance.

Profile IconSam Silky - 08 enero 2020, 11:39

Well, if I’m totally honest it’s not exactly a new revelation. It’s more like I am finally able to admit to myself that there’s a part of me that wants to explore my kinky side (Oh God. Did I just write that?). Anyway, here’s what happened.

Profile IconSam Silky - 20 diciembre 2019, 11:17


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